“Cosy, Ocean Views”, Opportunist Tried to Rent Leighton Beach Wreckage For $800pw

A rogue punter has taken some serious liberties in the area of salvage law by attempting to rent out the wrecked Cessna before authorities can remove it from the ocean. 

The rental listing comes after a WA woman made a miraculous emergency landing in the sea after returning from Exmouth with her son. It seems not everyone was satisfied with the couple landing safely, however. 

We spoke to the sketchy kent who already had 5 investment shipping containers and a hammock he was trying to rent out for $200pw in his Fremantle backyard. He told The Times,

“Some people would say I’m a piece of shit. Taking advantage of my fellow countryman during one of the bleakest periods of our rental history. All I can say is, this is a real opportunity and would really suit a surfer or diver”

Sadly, over 400 people came to the first viewing of the wreckage this morning. We spoke to a rental seeker who told The Times,

“They allow pets at least. It’s kind of hard not to given that you’ll be sharing the space with 1000s of little pets in the form of fish, sharks and whatever else will try to attack you through the night but that’s OK, it’s better than that place we looked at in Belmont”

Real estate agents, on the other hand, are applauding the scumbags quick thinking. Saying making money in the landlord game is all about timing. Adding,

“You don’t know the effect interest rate rises have had on the wreckage. Maybe put yourself in the position of a parasite before commenting?”

Thankfully, the plane has been recovered.

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