8 of the best Perth day-drinking spots to spend a day off

Living in Perth is all about making the most of our spectacular weather. If you don’t you may as well move to Melbourne and day drink on a tram like a pleb. Let’s check out the main players here.

1. Guildford

The early Guildfordians had their priorities straight – 4 pubs and 0 shopping centres. It’s a cracker of a place to embark on your own midday pub crawl across a range of venues fluctuating in old mate density.

After you’ve got yourself cut off from every licensed premises in the area it’s time to treat yourself to a bit of historical education at the Museum of Natural History or challenge someone to a dual. Whatever it is they do in Guildford. No one really knows. More on Guildford HERE.

2. Ellenbrook

It’s hard to top Ellenbrook for the sheer number of gorgeous spots to crack a few cans in public. It has a lookout which is shit-hot if you like to look at a mix of hills vistas and stalled residential construction!

It also has an ampitheatre if you want to add a bit of class to your day drinking. Sit back and enjoy the Ellenbrook show or become the entertainment yourself as you stumble around living life to the max. Read more about Ellenbrook HERE.

3. Claremont Quarter

Just look at the unsteady Louboutin-wobbling and dinged-up Benzs in the car park. You are in good company here! Plus who doesn’t like feeling like a 1% elite while getting your buzz on during the day.

Fill up your favourite designer water bottle with some voddie soda and get a taste of how the other side day-drink. Don’t worry about trying to fit in incognito, they’ll detect that you’re a blow-in anyway. So just lean into it. Read more about the Quarter HERE.

4. East Perth

A good day drinking sesh needs a bit of an edge. Rossmoyne is too safe, Midland is too gnarly so split the difference and experience a bit of both worlds in sunny East Perth!

One moment you’re taking a slash into a beautiful canal and the next you are texting your loved ones to say goodbye on the CAT bus. Now that’s a thrill ride. You’re also near the hallowed grounds of The Carlton. What makes this pub so special? Try it out (if its still open). More on East Perth HERE.

5. The train 

One of the biggest problems you’ll face as a keen day-drinker is transportation. So why not combine the destination with the transportation and suck back a few cheekies on the train?

Of course, the convenience of the train is offset by a few factors – judgmental stares, PTA officers, and surveillance but just consider yourself the Jason Bourne of midday froffs and evade capture like a pro. Read more about train etiquette HERE.

6. St Georges Terrace

There will always be a little voice in the back of your head saying, “maybe slurring my words by 2 pm is unwise”, maybe that voice is right. However, on the Terrace it’s not “day-drinking” it’s “networking”. 

Yep, you read that right. A counterproductive activity is a productive career-boosting act of bonding if you’re wearing a suit. You’ve got to love that. Read more about long lunches HERE.

7. Any Golf course 

It’s physical activity so you automatically get a pass. Sure, you’re in a golf cart and sucking back a beer every hole but it still counts as exercise. The loosest definition of exercise of all time. 

Now, day-drinking and golf go hand in hand because you’ll need to take that edge off. Remember, just the edge though. If you overdo it you might send your putter 6 inches deep into the green and get manhandled by an aggrieved greensman. Read more about getting blitzed on the golf course HERE.

8. Mandurah

This is one of WA’s premier day-drinking spots. Not only is it on a train line but you have options galore! Foreshore for some el naturale coldies, the canals for some retiree-inspired wine quaffing, or the Forum car park for an authentic feel. 

If you’re going to do it at the Forum, make sure you add your own flattened can of Wild Boar to the collection on the ground. When in Rome, after all.

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?