Awkward scenes as Margot Robbie mistakes a group of Pilbara princesses for fans

Margot Robbie got a rather unexpected reaction when she mistook a group of ladies in pink high-visibility tops as fans waiting for an autograph.

It turns out the girls were just down in the big smoke for a bit of a bash and were wearing their Sunday best. A witness at the scene told The Times,

“These Pilbara girls were waiting on the street doing their thing and Margot Robbie walks past and starts squealing that she just loves their barbie tribute. One of them deployed a savage bushies blow and told her to keep walking”

Upon seeing the unfavourable reaction, one of Margot’s entourage approached the girls and asked if they’d like an autograph from barbie. That didn’t go over well either. The witness continued,

“It was very apparent that none of these girls knew who Margot Robbie was. It was also apparent Margot didn’t understand the point of pink HiVis – it’s more of a I’m cute but I’ll hit you with a torque wrench vibe rather than a barbie girl vibe, you know?”

After a member of the entourage explained that Margot was a celebrity, the alpha Pilbara princess stepped forward and asked her if she’d like HER autograph, she explained to The Times,

“I’m the current wet t shirt competition champion and hold the record for most burnouts in a pink ute up north. If anyone should be giving out an autograph, it’s me”

After clearing up the confusion, we understand that Margot joined the girls for a day out in Scarborough for some boot scootin’, rum piggin’, ain’t nothing like a country crowd kind of afternoon.

Amazingly, Margot’s Queensland background came flooding back to her quickly and she told the girls she was going to pitch Barbie 2: Pink HiVis to Hollywood.

It’s sure to be a cracker.

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