Uncle Billy’s Devotee and Billy Lee’s Fanatic Call Off Romance Over Irreconcilable Differences

It had all the hallmarks of a fantastic romance. Too late-night pissheads found each other before agreeing they would absolutely destroy a plate of Chinese cuisine. It was the stuff of dreams until it went south. 

Karwren met Braythew at a nightclub club and after dry humping until they both had significant chaff, the pair decided to get some air. Maybe grab a feed. 

After sharing each other’s vapes and canoodling in the back streets they both agreed they’d absolutely fang a late-night Chinese feed. It should’ve been so easy. Braythew told The Times,

“I held her by her hips, pulled her closer, and whispered a sweet nothing into her ear, I said Billy Lee’s. She kinda recoiled in horror. Then I said marmite chicken while sucking on her ear”

Karwren pushed back. It wasn’t his gross tongue on her ear it was that she instantly knew they could never work. She clapped back,

“Don’t you mean Uncle Billy’s? I’m an Uncle’s girl babe. If you want to go to Lee’s then that’s cool but we could never be together”

Braythew knew there and then that she was 100% right. Telling her that if they don’t go to Lee’s then the date was over. She could do whatever she wanted on that side of China Town but he’d be dining on his old faithful. He told The Times,

“Damn man, her arse was banging but clearly we could never work. It’s not something you can smooth over. You’re either Billy’s or Lee’s. There’s no in between. You gotta live for something or die for nothing”

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