Buddy Franklin signs a 9 year, $10 Million deal with the Curtin Wesley Footy Club

In a less than shocking development, Buddy Franklin has called curtains on a magnificent AFL career. After 18 seasons he’s finally saying goodbye to footy… or is he?

In a far more shocking development, he has jumped straight back into it after being offered a very lucrative contract by the mighty Curtin Wesley Footy Club in Perth.

Not only is it a chance to earn another $10M but it’s an opportunity to connect with the school that he cut his footy teeth at. A spokesperson for Buddy told The Times,

“If he’s honest, the thought of smashing Trinity Aquinas into a pulp every week is what is fuelling Buddy. They say those PSA rivalries never leave you and I guess this is proof. He’ll be taking over as the full forward which we expect to not be met with much resistance”

Some in the amateur footy community are calling the contract “obscene” and not within the spirit of the game. Nevertheless, rich Wesley old boys dug deep to make it a reality. We spoke to one such old boy who told The Times,

“I personally chipped in $2M. That’s nothing to see those Trinity Aquinas worms squashed like the bugs they are every season! Ha ha! Make fun of my belly during interschools swimming will you? You will burn”

The contract will see Buddy lace up until he’s 45 years old. Some might consider that rather old but given the average get up and go of a WA amateur footy player he should have no problems keeping up with the pace.

Welcome back home buddy. This is an exciting opportunity for you to pour some serious heat on the rivalry.

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