Guests Suss After Prince Andrew Suggests Coronation Party Kick-Ons On An Island He Knows Of

Royal revellers have spoken about the moment Prince Andrew dropped a cringebomb while celebrating the coronation over the weekend. After several glasses of Champagne the Prince wanted to keep the party going on an island he knows of. 

King Charles attempted to settle his brother down but the Prince’s enthusiasm was off the charts. A witness told The Times,

“He kept saying the weather was fantastic and there was lots of fun to be had on the island. Said it’d all make us feel very youthful. We were pretty suss about which island he was referring to”

The Prince even tried to sweeten the deal by saying there were plenty of free massages going around if anyone was feeling a bit under the weather after the party. A source close to King Charles told The Times,

“He had his private jet fuelled up and ready to go. We suspect that the Prince had planned this escapade for some time. We told him it simply wasn’t the time for galavanting around an island he was associated with. For, erhm, reasons”

Nevertheless, Prince Andrew wasn’t taking no for an answer. Even ordering a servant to go and pack everyone’s bags. It was obvious to everyone at the party that he *really* wanted to get back on that island. 

He even tried to win over guests by saying there would be lots of famous people heading to the island and they didn’t have to worry about the owner crashing the party.

They all took care of that. 

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