Northbound Freeway Traffic at a Standstill as Douth Residents Flood into Perth for Xmas

In a classic case of giving Perth a dose of its own medicine, legions of down south residents have decided to flip the script and clog up Perth’s roads.

As a result, both Forrest Highway & Kwinana Freeway northbound are clogged up like a Paleo-enthusiast after date night at Hogs Breath.

We spoke to a Busselton resident who heard her friends in Margaret River were doing the same. She told The Times,

“What a splendid idea, not only do we get to escape all the blow-ins that destroy our serenity every Xmas but we get to show the remaining Perth residents who actually stayed in their City how it feels!”

A Yallingup man said he also had a massive stiffy thinking about acting like an obnoxious flog at Western Suburbs venues this Xmas. Adding,

“Every year, the family come down to us but this year we said, no, we’re coming up! And we don’t intend to act with any civility or grace. I’m actually happy to be stuck in this traffic because it makes me glad how many other people had the same idea”

Indeed, the exodus from the Down South towns has been so extensive that Perth folk will have to try extra hard to grate on the locals.

Nevertheless, Perth is always up for that kind of challenge.

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