Oppenheimer director reveals he originally wanted to make a movie about the state of WA footy in 2023 but feared audiences couldn’t handle a disaster on that scale

Christopher Nolan has given a candid interview where he admitted that the Manhattan Project was not his original vision for a movie of untold disaster, misery, and regret.

He went on to say that the Oppenheimer story was chosen over the state of WA footy in 2023 because it would be “easier” to digest by audiences. He admitted that he feared the state of WA footy could permanently brand viewers with the irons of trauma. He added,

“As a director, you have to know where the line is. I asked myself, ‘should I be subjecting millions to this?’ and I thought no. A story about the most destructive man-made device seemed light and fluffy compared to what West Coast and Flagmantle are up to”

After we did a little digging, we found out that it wasn’t just Nolan’s concerns that kept the WA footy movie back. Investors also put the hard word on the director saying that they didn’t want to contribute to the project. A major backer told The Times,

“I have kids man. How am I meant to explain *that* to them. Both teams getting flogged every week and in the bottom 4. Flagmantle were meant to be contenders? And Eagles? WTF? I told Nolan in no uncertain terms to have some god damn humanity”

Actor Cillian Murphy said he understood Nolan’s decision but was ultimately disappointed. Saying portraying the torment of Oppenheimer was a piece of cake compared to the pure torture of a WA footy fan in 2023. He told us,

“That’s Oscar material right there. To pull off that sort of performance would establish me as one of the all time greats. To capture that level of pain. That level of angst. It would’ve been unreal”

We can only thank Nolan for his good judgment here.

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