Perth couple decide to mix it up and celebrate anniversary at C Restaurant 

In a crazy act of spontaneity, a Perth couple has breached new ground and done what no other couple have done before and booked a reservation at C Restaurant for their anniversary. 

Fancying themselves somewhat of a couple of trendsetters the couple will enjoy a meal while rotating and then have a photo taken of them holding hands and looking lovingly into the night sky and captioning it “5 of the best with this one xoxo”.

We spoke to Jesson who was preparing for the date by going the whole hog and whacking on a button up shirt he doesn’t intend to tuck in. He told The Times,

“Just wanted to do something different, ay. I told my princess after our anniversary photo drops on the gram every couple in Perth is gonna wanna do this ha ha, too bad we done it first”

To break even newer ground, we can report that the couple intends to retire after the dinner at the Carlton Ritz for a staycation. We spoke to Emalee who told The Times,

“This is what true influencing is about. Inspiring people and showing them they don’t have to be sheep and do the same thing as everyone. My man has even organised for rose petals to be on our bed with champagne on arrival. I don’t know how we think of this stuff hehe”

Jesson does admit that the C Restaurant wasn’t his first radical thought. Initially planning to rock the foundations of the Perth couples scene with a fancy picnic thingo on the South Perth foreshore but conceded that you just can’t trust the weather at the moment. 

Either way, all eyes are on this young couple. Who knows what they’ll do next? Wedding photos at the Blue Boatshed? One could only speculate about such imagination. 

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