Perth Mint In Hot Water Over Selling $5 Worth Of Gold To Bloke Who “Knows” Bikies For Plated Chain

Perth Mint can’t catch a break after it was revealed that the WA-owned gold joint sold $5 worth of gold to a bloke who claimed to know bikies and clearly moved a bit of gear on the side. At least if you paid attention to this fake LV manbag. 

The allegations come off the back of the 4 Corners investigation that revealed the Mint sold a far larger quantity to an actual ex 1%’er with no questions asked. Nevertheless, the $5 sale to this posing fuckwit has raised alarms. 

Authorities say that the man who claims to know bikies and has mulitple Facebook photos of himself leaning against other people’s Harleys should have been a red flag. Clearly a real bad boy.

A source from inside the Mint told The Times that the man didn’t raise any red flags because of how much he was yapping his gums about knowing connected men. Adding,

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“This guy was a total flog. He wanted some gold for a plated chain. We told him that’s really not what we do and he’d be better off prospecting in Kalgoorlie for a few specs. That’s what his first chain looked like anyway”

After being unable to deal with the man’s pungent odour of B.O and knock off Paco Rabanne 1 Million cologne the Mint agreed to sell him $5. A highly unorthodox move. A witness to the sale told The Times,

“You should’ve seen the guys face when he got some actual gold. He kept saying ous ous cuz and yeahhhhh boiiii. Claiming he was going to be nuts deep in guts at the Swinging Pig later this afternoon”

We understand that after taking the gold to a backyard jeweller the man was “stocked” with his disgusting, unimpressive chain. Even declaring himself the big dog in town. 

Perth Mint just keeps digging a deeper hole for itself. 

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