Perth woman shares amazing hack on how she avoided huge Sephora line in the CBD – “I just went to the Karrinyup store”

 A Perth woman has sent social media into a frenzy today as she told her 200 followers about her amazing hack to avoid getting stuck in a line for the opening of Sephora for hours. 

Barely able to contain her excitement over discovering the “game-changing” hack she explained how lining up for hours to go to a shop that already exists in Perth is “as dumb as it gets”, continuing,

“What many people don’t know is that there is already a Sephora shop at Karrinyup. So I just went there. Easy. No line, no fuss and I could hold my head up high in the knowledge I hadn’t wasted a single second of my precious time”

We spoke to one of her followers who said she’d wished she’d heard about this hack before she lined up from 6:00 am in the city. Adding,

“It makes so much sense. Like OMG. Just go to a shop that has been open for ages that sells all the same shit and get on with my day. Instead, I spent like 6 hours in a line”

It didn’t stop there, however. As the TikToker went on to explain how the CBD shop “isn’t closing down” tomorrow and that she’d probably check it out at her leisure next week. Adding,

“The CBD is totally dead, so I’ll just go next week to check it out. Or not really, all these stores look the same and what not. However, at least if I do get curious I won’t have to compete with hundreds of queuers”

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