WA police pay dispute

WA public urges Government not to cave into Police pay demands after cops threaten to block speed cameras until dispute is resolved

Members of the WA public have strongly urged the WA Government to not cave into the pay demands of the Police as long as they are threatening to block speed cameras and issue warnings rather than infringements for certain low-level traffic offences. 

A petition circulated only this morning has racked up a staggering 4 million signatures to keep the dispute going. Quite a feat given the population of WA is roughly half of that. Nevertheless, it seems the WA public is very engaged in this particular dispute. 

We spoke to a signatory of the petition who was in the process of polishing his Skyline “for no particular reason”, he told The Times,

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more passionate about a public sector pay dispute in my life. I just reckon the WA Government is right on this one and should draw out this dispute for as long as humanly possible. It’s the right thing to do”

A Ford XR6 Turbo driver also signed the petition and said that Police demanding better pay should think about the impact that will have on Government spending in other sectors also on his own personal savings account if they stop this industrial action, adding,

“As soon as I heard about the police’s plan to block speed cameras I knew the WA Government was in the right. And that’s the thing about me I always foight for what’s roight, also bro they’ll throw me in prison if I get done hoonin’ again ha ha”

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Much to the distress of many signatories, the WA Government has committed to resolving this dispute as quickly as possible. A statement that many stakeholders say is not the right way to go. The creator of the petition told The Times,

“Don’t rush this Marko, dot every i and cross every t. Really go over it with a fine toothcomb. Again and again. At least until the double demezza period over X-Mas is over”.

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