Post Malone Denied Entry To Rocko Construction Site For Having Too Few Face Tattoos

Post Malone has taken to social media to voice his confusion over being denied entry to a Rockingham construction site on Monday as he sought to unwind after his performance at Perth Stadium last night.

The incident occurred at about 7 am when Postie and his entourage approached the site claiming they wanted to party somewhere they feel welcome after an embarrassing incident at QT on Saturday night. A witness told The Times,

The leading hand was having none of it. Said Postie clearly didn’t meet the dress code. Pointing out the inadequate coverage of tatts on his face. He made it very clear that he didn’t think Postie would even get into the Qantas Lounge with that coverage

Postie said this has never happened to him and claims to have been welcome on construction sites all over the world. Branding the incident as “bizarre”. A source close to Postie told The Times,

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“one minute he has too many face tatts and the next he doesn’t have enough. What the hell does Perth want from him man. He would’ve spent loads on that construction site and lord knows a few blokes looked like they had something to sell!”

Luckily for Postie, and Perth’s reputation, a site in nearby Kwinana was happy to accommodate the American artist even though they agreed he really didn’t meet the grade.

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