Sharehouse decides to continue cycle of stress-gardening the weekend before inspection rather than regular, light upkeep 

3 members of an Inglewood sharehouse have all agreed that their current strategy of destroying a weekend every coupla months in a yard cleaning frenzy is still the right way to go. 

True to form, the trio gave up any chance of enjoying their weekend to get down and dirty with the horribly neglected front & back yards of their sizable property. Still, it seems better than spending about 15 minutes eveiry Saturday keeping things tidy. As confirmed by Tom,

“What can I say, I’m a lazy sack of shit, mate. I need impending doom & consequences to get my arse into gear. Plus who doesn’t like 12 hours of weeding when you’re hungover af from a Friday night blowout. Character building”

Samantha admits that after the trauma of each pre-inspection garden effort she simply forgets all about it. Telling The Times,

“I have this incredible ability to totally underestimate how much work needs to be done when you neglect your yard. In my mind, it’s just a quick sweep and a mow. Then when it comes around we all turn on each other and curse the cruelty of our wretched fates”

James also agreed that regular upkeep was a mugs game and accepted that an overwhelming weekend of cleaning was just what the doctor ordered. Adding,

“Each time I plunge my hand into the unknown shit stuck in my gutters I feel closer to god. My favourite part of it is that after 2 days of hard slogging we still get a damning report from the worst property manager in the world and told to rectify a bunch of shit ha ha, love that for us”

Not everyone reckons that the trio is handling it the best, however. James’ dad who supplies the mower and whipper snipper each time has called the trio a pack of clowns. Adding,

“Why do they do this to themselves? You can see they are out of their depth. Too lazy to upkeep, too cheap to get a gardener in. I guess this is the life they chose. Wish I was related to the boy sometimes”

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