We all know this “Aurora Australis” is just the Perth Stadiums delicious lightshow. Anyway, here’s some shots…

Aurora Australis aka the southern lights in all their beauty. Of course, it’s probably just Perth Stadium practising its light show. Easy to confuse.

Anyway check out some of the captures from around WA:

Tell you what, wouldn’t mind some of those leftover shrooms from Balingup for this one.

Sadly, not really visible from the city. So a rare W for the urban sprawl and beyond.😊

Some might accuse the magnificent light show of being a little purple heavy. A little Freo heave ho, if you catch my drift.

Surely there has to be a yellow and blue aurora for Harvey Reid? or The West might actually shit itself!

Nevertheless, another international act that has decided to make WA part of its bill.

You have to love that!

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