WA Man Allocates Tax Refund To Bali Rather Than Crippling Debt Ruining His Life

In a move that would give Scotty “Barefoot Investor” Pape a dry dream, WA man Simmo has boldly chosen to spend his $2,500 (estimated) tax refund on a trip to Bali rather than chip away at his mountainous debt.

“She’ll be right”, Simmo says while currently getting reamed up the wazoo by monthly credit card interest. Adding,

“You got two types of money in life mate – free money and not free money. Tax refunds are free money and you never spend free money on lameo shit like debt. It’s like winning chase the ace and not buying a surf ‘n turf right there and then”

In the spirit of his EOFY-lotto win, Simmo has purchased a return ticket to Bali opting to spare no expense in his all-inclusive holiday. His partner-in-crime told The Times,

“I love my man because he risks an audit each year to splurge big on Bali. He bought 6 Jacks ‘n Coke at the airport before take off. Said he was a somebody now and was making it rain”

Ironically, Simmo is living da vida loca without any money actually being returned to his account. He’s taken the estimate “at its word” and claims the refund estimate is a sacred bond between punters and the taxman. Adding,

“Yeah good as gold. I reckon that cash will hit some time while I’m over there. Just gave the ol credy card a bit of a rinsing but I’ll put some across to cover the holiday, probably”

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Simmo rejects claims he’s being fiscally irresponsible. Saying that he spent the last couple of years’ returns on modifying his trusty Commodore. A move that he believes will pay dividends in the future,

“I reckon me SS was already worth about $90k maybe $100k. So adding the body kit and exhaust gets her to easy 150k. That’s my retirement egg, fark debt mate, I’ve got it made in the shade”

Simmo also plans to bring a sizable quantity of designer sunglasses back from Bali to sell at the local pub for a tidy profit. 

Stick that up your investment pipe and choof it, Pape. 

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