Top 10 Signs it’s Raining in Perf

1. Witnessing more drenched Monster caps and Jet Pilot attire than at a buck’s party with a squirting show. As everyone knows an umbrella is a gateway item to full blown scarfery

2. Losing your mind at the legions of nervous nancys that will be driving further below the speed limit than a stoned sloth trying to find the Hungry Jack’s turn off.

3. Dodging “overcompensatin’ Owen” who will be leaving more skitz skidz in his Chev-badged Commodore than a Bali bogan’s 4 day old grundies.

4. Sighing at a minion sharing full-time mummy that will be posting storm warnings because they don’t really have anything better to do.

5. Listening to some turmeric-latte sipping shit head who will be banging on about Perth only being good for its weather and sharing unsolicited stories about dealing with a deluge in Melbourne.

6. Noting all the social influencers who consider a bit of rain to be a perfect opportunity to post a top-yielding bikini photo #takemeback.

7. Witnessing multi-car pile ups, as a little drizzle turns our roads into a mechanical rendition of the Human Centipede.

8. Being forced to listen to your FIFO mates tell you how it’s “fark all” and they worked for 78 hours straight in a Pilbara monsoon in nothing but a Hi-Vis shirt with no break.

9. Noting no change in the work ethic of road-workers.

10. Knowing or being the tool that still has his sprinklers turned on because how can there be a water crisis when his local servo is offering 2 for 1 on 600ml Mount Franklins ay?

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