“Worksite radio ticket” proposed to help reduce tension they cause on site 

WorkSafe has proposed a worksite radio ticket after thorough consultation with key industry figures. Under the proposal, anyone working on a construction site will need to successfully obtain the ticket to be able to operate a worksite radio. 

In their preliminary report, it’s thought that up to 60% of tension on your average construction site is caused by competing radios or worse, the new scaffolder hijacking it to play his favourite Western Sydney drill music. 

In one case, old warehouse Keifo apparently locked himself in a portaloo to stop himself from getting a granno in a headlock over a music dispute. 

We spoke to Keifo who claims he can’t lift a finger unless he has the sounds of classic rock gently playing on site. He told The Times,

“I’m allergic to the hippity hop, yo homie, rap bullshit mate. I wasn’t raised that way orright? I just wanna hear the same 10 songs on Triple M. Maybe that Black Keys song when I’m rubbing one out in me ute at smoko haha”

WorkSafe said the incident could’ve been avoided if everyone was trained on the risks and protocol associated with operating a worksite radio. 

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Naturally, not everyone is thrilled with the idea. We spoke to an apprentice who has a penchant for drum & bass. He told The Times,

“You think they’ll pay for me to get me ticket? No chance, I’ll be stuck listening to shit boomer music all day. Or I’ll have to fork out for the ticket meself, it’s just not fair mate”

Nevertheless, the worksite radio ticket proposal is being taken seriously and should roll out within the next few months. 

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