BREAKING: Bunga awarded honourary Westralian citizenship for his services to the state

Shannon “Bunga” Hurn has been awarded honourary Westralian citizenship after moving from South Australia and debuting for the Eagles in 2006.

As a general rule, South Australians are welcome to go back to crow eating as soon as they’ve done depleting the resources of Western Australia.

However WA felt fit to make an exception. A spokesperson for the WA Government told The Times,

“I wish Bunga was my dad ahhhh, I mean Premier. Nah fuckit, come and hold me Shannon tell me everything is going to be alright you legend”

It has been a remarkable career. Captaining the Eagles for 5 seasons but more remarkably surviving the 2006 era Eagles squad. It couldn’t have been easy to keep your head during that glorious circus.

It’s rare for an outsider to gain official Westralian citizenship joining the likes of Pav and Clive Waterhouse. Both who have the keys to the blue boat house. A source close to Bunga told The Times,

“Bunga is keen to do a lot of fishing and mentor every single kid in WA. He’s cute like that”

As part of the honour, Bunga will not have to fulfil the usual duties of an outsider and take a Quokka selfie.