WA Coldplay fans demand a trigger warning as Ticketmaster’s system brings back painful memories of booking Rotto accommodation 

Thousands of Western Australians have been reminded of Rotto’s heinous booking system while trying to nab some tickets for Coldplay this morning. 

There are now calls to Ticketmaster to give a heads-up next time so that people can adequately prepare to deal with those emotions. We spoke to Julia who told The Times,

“By 10:30 there were over 100,000 people ahead of me in the digital queue. Do these people know what we went through a month ago? Spent the whole day trying to get a villa on Rotto and ended up with a stinking bungalow”

Ticketmaster is refusing to apologise. Saying that the anxiety and PTSD experienced was all part of the “fun”. They also deny that their booking system is as bad as the Rotto one.

To calm the howling masses, Coldplay has announced a second show. Which is giving WA the chance to do it all again tomorrow. However, this time, they’ll be ready. We spoke to Kev who told The Times,

“I hoped to not have to enter into ‘rotto beast mode’ again for another year but I’ve been preparing to enter that state. The Kev you know will be dead for 24 hours. Don’t approach the shell of a man I become. It could get ugly if you distract me”

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Meanwhile, other Western Australians are asking how much this second show is likely to cost the taxpayers. A spokesperson for WA told The Times,

“Don’t get your knickers in a knot. We are going to personally escort Chris Martin to Rotto and have him snap at least 100 quokka selfies. How’s that for an ROI?”

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