Commonwealth Games to be replaced with Roger Cook backflipping instead

The 20 people gutted that the Commonwealth Games won’t be coming to Australia will be relieved that Western Australia has found a decent alternative for the viewers – Roger Cook backflipping in spectacular style.

Today, the WA Government announced it would be scrapping the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act that kicked in just under a month ago and reinstating the 1972 Act. Cook even went so far as to apologise and concede they got it wrong.

While the flip itself was messy it can’t be denied that he stuck the landing perfectly. Even apologising for the overreach of the laws. A rare thing to hear from any politician these days. We spoke to a gymnastics expert who told The Times,

“You have to love that sort of backflip. I personally gave it a 10. I’ve had a chat with some of the other judges and we are hoping maybe they can also backflip on some of their hardline no to legalising it views too ha ha”

A WA voter said he was keen to see some more backflips too. In particular, for the Government to enact emergency legislation to keep Coldplay out. He told The Times,

“I think we can all agree that millions of dollars to bring Coldplay of all bands over is a mistake. Let’s get someone fresh out. That would be a backflip worthy of Commonwealth gold, I reckon”

Good luck to Roger and his Government on having another crack at amending the current act and getting it right.

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