Whopper boss Simmo drops the Eagles into a late night HJ’s Freo simulation to prepare them for battle

The whopper boss has mixed things up at training this week. Dropping the boys into a perfectly recreated simulation of your average Saturday night at HJ’s Freo.

While unorthodox, the simulation is designed to make sure the boys are “ready for anything”. In many ways, the unadulterated shitshow at that majestic HJ’s was quite similar to the chaos of an AFL match.

An insider close to The Eagles said the team enjoyed the simulation and they bonded over the atrocities of whopper-warfare together. Adding,

“I’ll give you the hot tip, you DON’T want to be in Hurn’s line of sight when he has a double bacon deluxe in his hand. Not sure young Ginbey will ever recover. He’ll be finding lettuce in his nasal cavities for some years to come”

To make the experience authentic, they got some Dianella boys from a car club down to charge into the simulation with some Metros-related grievances. A source told The Times,

“I think Simmo wanted to see that the team wouldn’t let things like De Goey’s hit on Hewett slide again. They really rallied against those Dianella boys. God, it was authentic”

After the simulation, the boys were given a day to rest before coming back and preparing for a post-Clubba HJ’s session. Which was lighter but involved the added provocation of private school boys.

Again, not dissimilar to the AFL.

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