9 Top Perth Car Parks To “Do A Little Deal” In

Secret Harbour Beach car park – Secret Harbour Beach is strategically placed between the two major SOR “transaction hubs” of Rocko & Mandurah. It’s an oasis out of the way and during the winter it’ll just be you and some surfers. They ain’t snitching. 

Hillarys Boat Harbour – spacious, free, and after just 5 minutes of dealing with the tourists at the harbour you’ll be hankering for whatever you’re buying more than ever. Watch out for red shoe’d thugs who couldn’t get into Bar 1 if you’re there at night though! 

Red Roota South Perth – an absolute marvel of a car park. Anyone who has answered the call of the Rooster on a frustrating drive up Canning knows the serenity and space offered by this little gem. Get down to business and then hit up a strip sub combo. Lovely. 

South Mole Lighthouse – nothing ventured, nothing gained. South Mole Lighthouse isn’t the most convenient of spots but it’ll be worth the extra effort. Pick up a little bag of fuckyeah and throw a line in after. The secret burley every fisherman self-administers to get through the long sessions. 

Costco Casuarina – two key benefits here. Firstly, if you’re dealing in the herb you’ll have one of the cheapest, best food courts available to you. Secondly, the prison being a near-distant reality is an excellent metaphor if you’re dealing with the harder stuff. Transact and reflect. 

North Perth Coles – if you want to feel like you’re on the gear before even buying it then look no further. North Perth Coles car park will have you raging well before indulging in your favourite hobby. Watch that spittle accumulate in the corners of your mouth as you go troppo wondering how tf these people got a licence to begin with. 

Maylands Boat Ramp – if you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space! What a thrill to do a little transaction right next to the police complex. Also the drive down Peninsula Road will have you sweating like a maths teacher’s armpits in a portable classroom. 

Galleria – everyone else is so why not? Galleria offers an excellent opportunity for transactions given the utter confusion the police will experience if they are called. A deal going down in a shitbox AU? You’ll have to narrow it down, Joe Public! 

Any car park in Brabham – this may seem like an odd entry to the list but think it through. Someone sees you and calls the police. What are they going to say? Please attend at Brabham? They’ll be asked “where tf is that?” and it’s not going any further. Deal smarter. 

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