Broome Cup Attendee “Scrubs Up Alright” Despite Shorts Looking Like They Got Hit With A Super Soaker

Harlee has not regretted a single minute of wearing brand spankin’ chinos to the Broome Cup despite the pisswreck coating them in a generous layer of urine every time he heads to the toilet.

How many times has he been to the toilet you might ask? Well, how many times does a man need to go when he’s on his 20th can for the day? Needless to say, his shorts look like they have been hit with a super soaker. He told The Times,

“Everyone has piss drops on their shorts here. It’s no big deal. We ain’t in the big smoke, we do things differently out here in the Kimberley. I reckon the faint stench of piss is actually helping me. I’m fending it off with a stick mate”

Indeed it has. With Harlee enjoying more than his fair share of female attention. We spoke to a diesel mechanic who reckons Harlee looked cute in his shorts. She told The Times,

“I like a man who don’t mind getting his shorts a bit dirty. That’s a real man. You see the blokes from Perth come up and they obviously shake until there’s no more residual piss on their tip. Not Harlee, he’s got no time for that shit. That’s the man I want having a poke”

Harlee can’t take all the credit though. Conceding that a fair quantity of this round’s piss is actually his mate Jeds. He told us,

“We had a sword fight in the toilet before. Was pretty sick but yeah see that patch there, that’s his. We’re like that though man, brothers, we share everything”

Good luck Harlee. No doubt with another 20 beers planned for the afternoon you’ll add to the impressive tally you already have notched up.

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