Harley Reid Spotted Jet Ski Shopping As He Further Accepts His Fate

Reports have flooded in that the likely no.1 draft pick Harley Reid has been looking at Jet Skis this morning as he awakens to the realisation that he’s probably heading west at the end of the year. 

It was reportedly during the first quarter last night that the youngster conceded that he’d better learn how to ride a jet ski. A source added,

“He kept making the throttle gesture with his hand and said he could get used to it. After all, things could be worse, he could be going to North Melbourne and not enjoy any good jet ski days. Glass half full kinda guy”

A source spotted Harley at a local cafe flicking through Gumtree and Marketplace and sending out a few expressions of interest in some second-hand PWC rigs. They told The Times,

“I don’t think dealing with the WA second-hand jet ski seller community made the lad feel any better about his destination club if I’m honest. Not sure what would be tougher at the moment, being part of an Eagles rebuild or trying to get a straight answer from some Rockingham knuckledragger who wants way too much for his piece of shit jet ski”

We tracked down the bloke trying to flog off his second-hand jet ski who told the Times,

“Yeah so this young feller called Harley asked me what my best price was ha ha. Told him it just went up $2000 after having to sit through last night. Not his fault but I deserve some compensation I reckon. Then I ghosted him. That’s what you get”

It is unknown if any of the 20 jet ski sellers got back to the boy with a decent offer however he was treated to a nice slice of WA culture when a seller admitted he no longer had a jet ski to sell but he’d be happy to trade a “new Dyson” for a point of gear. 

Welcome to WA young Harley. 

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