8 Activities To Make Up For Doing Fark All With The Kids These School Holidays

Eastern suburb’s “flower” picking – wildflowers are so yesterday. The real fun these school holidays is getting your young’ns to gain access to all those dodgy looking sheds out in the Perth hills.

Yep, with the blacked-out windows and power cord running from their neighbours house. Remember to teach them how to know if the dense green flowers are “ripe” or not. More on how to book HERE.

See some real sea creatures – AQWA is a popular choice but on the last week of school holidays it could get a bit gnar. However, if it’s grizzly sea creatures they are after then why not take them down to a popular fishing jetty at night?

Or the Mandurah estuary? Bring some popcorn as you enjoy the chainsmoking, potty-mouthed BCF’ing idiots in their natural environment. 

Take them to the site of the last affordable rental – holidays are a good chance to do some extra learning about history. Legend has it there was still a 3*2 rental in Midland for under an arm & a leg pcm.

It will be an important historical site for them as they prepare to rent out a methshack in Belmont for $1400pw in a few short years. It’s about perspective. More on rentals HERE.

Take em to Perth’s most extreme skate park – kids love skate parks but as a parent, it can get tiresome watching them puss-out and waste your camera recording time.

Well, time to force them to improve their skills at Perth’s most exciting quarter pipe – the Telstra Exchange in the CBD. See how you like that, Tony fkn Hawklet. More on the quarter pipe HERE.

Let ‘em loose at your local pub – speaking of perspective, the idea of having fun is always relative to something. So instead of trying to reach this unattainable ideal of a “good time” with your kids why not just ruin everyone elses enjoyment to even the playfields?

Yep, set those little crotch goblins loose at your favourite pub as you refuse to lift a finger to supervise them. More on pub etiquette HERE.

Take on an art adventure of Perth – we have galleries and museums but the real art on the street is by infamous graffiti artist Perf’s Banksy.

Take your kids on a whirlwind town of some of his best pieces of art. From Pennis Avenue to a giant dong in the sand, his works of art are everywhere. A true adventure that will take several days to cover. 

Join a cabana shanty townbuilding micro cities on beaches is all the rage at the moment. Enjoy the quality time with your family as you spend longer setting up all your shit than actually enjoying the beach. Thanks to Chan 7 you won’t be getting in the water anyway so it’s a win win! More on cabana culture HERE.

Qantas adventure ride – it’s easy to ruthlessly mock Qantas for having so many planes turn back you see opportunity in it!

Knowing that the plane is going to turn around and head back to Perth gives you an awesome chance to whack your kids on a flight (wherever it doesn’t matter) and for the cabin crew to essentially babysit them while you get some shopping done at DFO. Once you hear news of the SOS call head back to Perth Airport to collect. More on Qantas fun rides HERE.

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?