New op shop opening next to Raine Square boutiques to reach customers who can afford op shops 

Chanel. Louis Vuitton. Tiffany & Co. What do these brands have in common? They are about to share Rain Square with a real heavy hitter of the exorbitant fashion world – Vinnies. 

Yep, luxurious Raine Square is about to get a REAL anchor tenant that most can only dream of shopping at these days. A keen op-shopper told The Times that the move made sense given the clientele could actually afford it. Adding,

“I used to love op shopping. You’d go in with $20 and you’d come out with almost a new ‘fit. These days they are just selling second-hand clothes for about the same price as designer fashion. I think the Raine Square types will be right at home”

At the new store, people with more money than sense can feel a sense of irony by slumming it in yester–seasons fashions that had been donated. We spoke to a highly paid-lawyer who said she couldn’t wait to embrace the spirit of the op shop,

“I think the op shop has finally come back to wear it needs to be. Personally, I don’t care about the whole charity side or if a battler needs some dignity. I want to buy a silly second hand jacket for $350 to wear to go to my friend’s dress up party as a hobo or something he he”

Another baller in the city said he was keen to drop at least $50 on a secondhand Bintang singlet. Adding,

“What a laugh! I get to dress like a dirty poor without having to actually deal with any while I shop. That’s an op shop for me. I’m going to wear the singlet to a mate’s BBQ as a joke!”

A source close to Vinnies told The Times that if the store was a success it would even begin to develop its own designer wear to come “full circle”. The source added,

“It’s their mission to ensure not one trust fund kid has to go through life without access to overpriced second hand clothing that they’ll probably only wear ironically or as cheap insulation at their Eagle Bay beach home”

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