Feeling The Pinch: Perth Agency Admits It Can No Longer Afford To Pay Creatives In Exposure

A Perth marketing agency has made the hard decision to suspend all exposure “payments” to freelance creatives working for free. It’s a sign of the times and how everyone is doing it pretty tough right now. 

The director of the agency told The Times that creatives would essentially be donating their copy or artwork for no remuneration and no exposure. Adding,

“Obviously, it will be tough for our beloved freelancers. We know how much that exposure helps them put food on the table but frankly our profits are looking a bit thin so we’ve had to cut costs where we can”

Under the terms of the new agreement, creatives won’t even get credited for their work. Which will save the company tons in exposure that they could be grifting someone else with. An insider told The Times,

“What we’ll see is a no-exposure deal for the shit eaters so they can offer generous exposure packages to more established artists. I overheard a deal being struck that one talented mural painter was going to get 45% bonus exposure. You could see him running through all the fancy shit he could buy with that!”

Naturally, not everyone is happy with the new deal. We spoke to a copywriter who said he could barely survive on the exposure he was getting now. Adding,

“The last time I spent several hours writing good copy for a business I got 2 extra IG followers. I didn’t even need money to run the heater that week because of how warm that exposure made me feel. Now you are telling me I won’t even get that?”

Creatives are advised to save as much exposure as they can now to prepare for the leaner times.

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