REVEALED: Cook’s First Act As Premier Was To Beg McGowan To Let Him Use His Sizable Social Media Accounts

After being sworn in as WA Premier, Roger Cook has formally begged ex-Premier Mark McGowan for access to his enormous social media followings on Instagram, TikTok & Facebook. 

Insiders within the WA Government say that Cook won’t be able to govern effectively with his shithouse social media stats. A source told The Times,

“When it comes to pushing the Government message, massive social media presences are invaluable. McGowan is a real influencer. 95k on IG, 35k on TikTok and a whopping 500k on Facebook. In comparison, Cook is rolling with 26k on Facebook, 3.6k on IG, and shockingly no presence on TikTok. Roger wants a slice of Marko’s reach, let’s put it that way”

For now, Mark McGowan has retained control of his social media accounts which comes as a massive blow to Cook. A source told The Times,

“Roger has declared a state of emergency over his social media following. Every staffer has been tasked with bringing him 5 fresh content ideas a day to boost those numbers. It’s the Governments only priority right now”

In less than statesmanlike scenes, Roger was overheard on a call to Mark McGowan after sending through several videos of himself planking and asking the ex-leader for a share. A witness told The Times,

“He was just after a couple of shares. Even said he’d be happy with a story post rather than on the main feed. Mark kept telling him to focus on the state and that the followers will come. He also made it clear that no one planks anymore”

Luckily for Cook, no one even knows who is leading the opposition so he has plenty of time to boost those stats. 

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