Twiggy “All Ears” To FIFO Bloke’s Advice To Help Him Reclaim Richest Man Title

It’s no secret that billionaires enjoy their wealthy status and as a result of a binding financial agreement, the Twigmeister is no longer Australia’s richest man. Having transferred much of his wealth to his wife in the split. 

Nevertheless, a walk through one of his mine sites the other day yielded a great opportunity with a bloke in the wet mess making Twiggy an offer he couldn’t refuse. A witness told The Times,

“This bloke just yelled out ‘buy the dip, Twiggy’. Normally a man as important as Andrew Forrest would ignore him but obviously he was pretty keen to scrape back some of his losses. So he walked on over and asked the man to tell him more”

At the table, the underground miner told Twiggy that now was the best time to go “all in” on crypto. Adding that the crash has bottomed out and promised that within a few short months, he’d have lasers beaming from his eyes. 

We spoke to the worker in question who said he stood by his advice. Adding, 

“My wife left me too. That’s because I invested our life savings in BTC near the top ha ha. Diamond hands baby, we’ll see who is laughing when I’m retired by 40. I told Twiggy that he needs to go all in on shitcoins and with his iron-ore-hands he’ll be richer again. I thought that was a pretty clever one by me ay”

We can confirm reports that based on the man in the wet mess’ advice Twiggy went ballsdeep into Monero, BTC and Dogecoin. He even instructed some of his head engineers to build him a “proper mine” as he called it. A witness told The Times,

“Yeah, he wanted several spare dongas loaded up with supercomputers to mine him more crypto. He said anyone who wasn’t in on the project should enjoy being poor”

Good luck Twiggy. 

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