Western Australian Secrets Are Being Leaked To The Global Stage Recently

It seems like Western Australians are relishing the opportunity to reveal WA’s best secrets to massive global social media pages. Is this treason? Yes. Is it good that the world knows the Mandurah inlet looks like a pippy pipe? Also yes.

1. Mandurah Inlet

This was shared to Google eart, Structures and Anomalies – a whopping 800k strong global group. This is probably more of a public service. One can only imagine how good Mandurah looks on paper to the international community. Canal living, fresh seafood, away from the hustle and bustle of Perth. Alas, the inlet indeed has the exact shape of the ol’ glass recorder. A pastime of many of its residents.

2. Our obsession with swans

This is a secret destined to be broken as soon as an international visitor spends more than about 25 minutes in Perth. They’ll see pretty soon that we aren’t shy to throw around the Swan brand as often as we can – businesses, rivers, LGAs, beers, you name it. We fkn love swans and we love nothing more than when they chase you while you’re having a picnic by the river, tourist. Now the world knows.

3. The Emu War

Historic Vids has a 3 Million strong global following and now they all know about the time we got owned by a rogue mob of this State’s most feared combantant – the emu. The story of the Great Emu War is fantastic but given our already laughable military defence capabilities, leaking more information about how pathetic we are could only get invaders’ lips licking. No wonder we have to surgically attach our lips to America’s liberty-hole.

More on the Great Emu War HERE.

4. Joondalup

As a City we do our best to keep our dirty little secret of Joondalup hidden from the world but this slick operator has gone and blown that wide open. This can only lead the international community to googling our sprawl. Our shameful, shameful sprawl and once again think, wtf is with this City? Why is it so long?

It’s worth remembering that on top of these recent revelations, the world pretty much knows us for our STATE OF THE ART RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL dilligence, an eclipe and a piece of space junk that floated onto mid west beach.

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