Harry Styles Spotted Rubbing Shoulders With A-Listers In Gozzywood

In a truly inspired play, Harry Styles has slipped past WA media waiting to hound him at the airport and has snuck into the state so he can party it up with the world’s A-Listers in Perth’s own Gozzywood.

The UK superstar was spotted smashing a few pints at Ogdens with his good mate and Gosnells local Chris Hemsworth. Reports that after a couple of drinks, the duo was joined by Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman who had flown into Perth to spend a relaxing weekend at the exclusive southeastern suburb. A witness told The Times

“Yeah, we’re pretty used to the sight of big names around Gosnells but it’s always nice to see a celeb come straight here rather than go and fulfill their Quokka Selfie duties. I overheard them saying Anthony Kiedis was still in Gozzies and they should all go for a rip together”

That they did. The A-Listers delighted the people of Gosnells by showing off some admirable circle work in Hemsworth collectors edition Maloo. A witness on the scene told The Times,

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“I always thought Harry was a bit soft but the way he flipped the bird at the coppers and called them dogs made me respect the man. Even though he knows he’s pretty untouchable in Gozzies, that’s the experience these superstars expect here”

Further reports state that Harry then went on a shopping spree at Ashburton Village before getting into a scrap with a couple of Maddo boys down to cause trouble. A witness told The Times,

“I didn’t think Harry wanted to get dragged into it but Hemsy clearly had some beef. You gotta expect that ya know. Maddo mad as fark they aren’t Perth’s playground for the rich and famous”

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