7 Tips For The Perfect Day In Bull Creek

Thousands of Perth residents are discovering the secret of a truly enriching day out SOR. Sleep on Bull Creek if you want but don’t say you were given the heads up. 

1. Freeway ramp adventure trail 

A suburb serviced by two freeway on/off ramps? You must think you died and ended up in heaven. Nope, even better, you’re in Bull Creek. 

Start your day by doing as many loops as you want of the Leach Highway & South Street strategic ramps and indulge in infrastructure royalty for a day. If you’re lucky you might even see several SOR road rage incidents. 

“Wow, that’s a well serviced suburb! It even has two readily accessible trainos. Wonder which politician lives there!” – Testimonial from Charles

2. Do a deal at Bull Creek traino 

All that Freeway access has probably got you craving a little something something. Especially if you encountered SOR locals on your adventure trail. Time to have a taste yourself. 

Bull Creek traino offers an expansive and discreet black market shopping experience. Connecting customers to train line dealers with a delightful layout. You’ll think you’re in Aubin Grove!

“I found the customer service to be discreet and the product to meet my expectations. I’ll certainly deal with that little Eshay again” – Testimonial from Rob

3. South St viewing platform

It’s important to take a little time out to appreciate the finer things in life. So stop off at Roota for lunch and a wristy (utilising the strip sub grease in the act) and watch the mighty South Street put on a show. 

What are you looking at exactly? Pure SOR arterial road aggression. Take it all in. These are the good times, man. 

“I wish we had more time, things were just getting good before we had to leave for lunch. We saw a Hilux flee from the police too. What a memory” Testimonial from Sarah

4. Rock out to some Jebediah

Walk the hallowed streets of Bull Creek to the tunes of Jebediah. It’s most famous citizens. Feel that 90’s perth rock flow through your veins and smash a Jesters pie or something. It’s what the band would want you to do.

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5. The Dan Murphys Car Park

What does pissed up tradies, tight parking and a total disregard for your fellow shopper spell? Dan Murphy’s car park fun! That’s what. 

Now, you might want to watch from the safety of the viewing platform next to Roota. Get a feel for it. Once you’ve managed to understand the untamable beast. Go and get in there. With a bit of luck, you’ll be on the blower to your insurance company in no time. 

“Come for the booze and stay because your car has managed to be written off in a tiny little car park!” – Testimonial from Tiff

6. Disrespect Willetton by giving praise to the spaceship

Now it’s time to unwind. Follow the road down to the Bull Creek spaceship. Do you smell that? That’s Willetton’s thunder that Bull Creek so happily stole

Feel free to share some of what you picked up at the traino with SOR youths who have taken advantage of the relative privacy of the area to choof on. Sharing is caring.

“Wow it sure is underwhelming but also I hate Willetton so that was a rush for me” – Testimonial from Simmo

7. Purify yourself in the waters of The Bull Creek

Have you ever wondered why Bull Creek residents are so happy? It’s because many take the chance to purify themselves with what water is left of the actual creek.

Be sure to cover every inch of your body is stagnate creek water and you’ll feel like you could strap on the boots and play a quarter for the mighty Bull Creek Leeming Footy Dynasty. 

Naturally, you can’t. You’re not built of that kind of stuff. You’re just a tourist in Bull Creek. Remember that or buy a place. 

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