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Guildford wins coveted “most likely Perth suburb to pass for Merredin” award

Guildford residents are relieved their suburb finally got the recognition it deserved. Being crowned the most likely Perth suburb to pass for Merredin award from the Big Country Town Association of WA. 

With its wide streets, heritage buildings, antique stores, and ute driving derros in speed dealers & Monster caps the suburb stole the crown of Gosnells which sat on the throne for some years. We spoke to the BCTA who told The Times,

“Gosnells was a panel favourite for years. It has a similar charm but it just became too damn modern with that Hollywood play. Gozzywood is practically Los Angeles now so it was time to acknowledge a truly change-resistant burb”

Continuing, the BCTA added,

“Going to Guildford truly feels like stepping back in time. You can almost imagine a horse & cart competing with all the 4wd at school pick-up each day. It’s got a solid old timey feel – from homemade scones to teenage pregnancy – it’s got it all! And it’s just 25 minutes from Perth. What a treat!”

Naturally, some other suburbs in Perth have been left infuriated by another snubbing. The BCTA explained,

“Every year there is a hullabaloo from hill dwelling suburbs such as Mundaring or Kalamunda. We accept they have a claim but even Merredin has a train, mate. You have to at least meet that standard of amenity to be compared to the mighty Wheatbelt utopia”

As part of the award, Guildford residents will be given 15% off their next Merredin getaway. Although, the running joke around town is why drive 3 hours when you’ve got everything Merredin has to offer on your doorstep?

A fair point. Well done Guildford, however, with High Wycombe scoring a traino, your time on the throne may be short lived.

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