Bloke ostracised from Perth 4WD community for storing Maxtrax in his garage until he actually needs them

A Perth man had the audacity to store his Matrax recovery tracks in his garage until he goes on a trip where he might actually need to use them. Boldly assuming that there probably isn’t much chop for them in suburban Perth.

After he was spotted in Leederville without the gear, a prudent member of the fourby community took a photo and shamed him. Within 20 minutes, he was given his marching orders.

We spoke to a member of the Perth 4WD community who said the bloke was setting a dangerous precedent. He told The Times,

“Think about it. People see this bloke in his LandCruiser just roaming the streets of Perth without recovery equipment. They might start to think why the fark do the rest of us have our Maxtrax on constant display? We might get called out for being posers”

Obviously, the bloke feels hard done by. We asked him whether he though his ban was fair and why he thought he was so special that he didn’t display his Maxtrax at all times. He told The Times,

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“Why would I? I doubt I’ll get bogged in the overflow parking of my kid’s primary school. I like to keep them out of the sunlight until I go on trips up north. Up there you need ‘em. Suddenly I’m a pariah. Bringing shame to the BCF community”

Nevertheless, the President of Flogs With All the Gear and No Idea told The Times,

“We don’t need people like this. My wife managed to get her Prado bogged in the spare lot next to us. You telling me you wouldn’t need Maxtrax in that situation? Yeah, maybe she shouldn’t have parked like a total fukstain but that’s neither here nor there, good riddance to this bloke”

There you go. Please display your Maxtrax at all times people.

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