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“Pretenders” – Bonds Baby Search Purist Launches Blistering Attacks On Daily Winners

A staunch advocate of the original Bonds Baby Search format has spent her weekend launching blistering attacks against the daily winners. Calling them out for being disgusting, little pissfaced infants that would never stand a chance during the golden years of the competition. 

When we spoke to Tee’arah she had squeezed herself into an old pair of Juicy tracksuit pants and was 4 glasses of Savvy B down. It was 10:05 am. She told The Times,

“These babies ain’t shit. Back when my bub made the finals it was a real competition. All these little infant bitches could never score votes like mine did. Absolute pretenders. Ugly, mangy freaks”

Getting progressively angrier each day, Tee’arah decided to “bring it back” and would post the daily winners on her timeline and encouraged her followers to rate them out of 10. She made it clear it would be a no holds barred kind of deal. A FB friend told The Times,

“Chucking out ethnic slurs towards a baby might not seem normal but high on Bonds Baby Search it is. Tee’arah was getting angry at the tameness of the judgement so she began judging our comments. You could tell she really thrived on the judgement aspect of the original Bonds Baby Search”

Failing to stir up enough anti-infant sentiment on her own timeline, Tee’arah picked up an old folly of hers – obsessively sending correspondence to Bonds demanding answers on why they were weak dogs. Snowflakes that caved to public pressure to not run a baby “hot or not” contest

A source within the company who had been dealing with her emails for years told The Times,

“She keeps sending in her kid who she claimed was a finalist but I see no proof of that. If we are going to throw barbs at kids that look like Quasimodo her bulbous foreheaded bub wouldn’t come out on top. Oh god, see what she does to you. She encapsulates everything that made the Bonds Baby Search great”

At the time of writing this article, Tee’arah managed to obtain the contact details of a daily winner and sent her a critique of her offspring. Get some rest Tee’arah.

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